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The links under Los Orígenes y las Voces’ (The Origins and the Voices) theme distinguishes ’voices’ that have triggered a special impact upon my chosen paths of inquiry, generating ’diverting path’ moments of creative confusion, (wow’s), dis-activating mental filters and opening ’different’ realmes ...modifying my state of ’enactive’ mind.

I keep quoting them, revisiting their works...tracking papers and books I have access to. In terms of ’networking’, linking current ’hubs’ in my mind paths ... the metaphore of a ’threshold’ may do too. Not so sure I like the ’meme’ anycase what I hope to do is present some of my favourite guiding ’Voices’ to others.

Here I came accross an organization site where even though I dont quite suscribe to some of their ideas as presented -the place is massive if you start looking around ... I almost got lost-, is well worth the visit Principia Cybernetica... I ’respectfully disagree’ with using ’global’, ...’whole’, to group, connect , announce or propose gatherings ... just as the words: ’always’, ’never’, ’all-the-time’ , ’each-and-every’.. dont mean much to me.

A kind of mental ’red antennea’ flashes when I observe these words, specially when they ’insist’ by appearing along the path. I interpret them as major mental ’locks’... closing doors...bringing to act in my mind the notion of ’closed system’ which may be operatively useful in mechanical stuff. Learning and evolution belong in the realm of the living ’open systems’, where ’Coping with Uncertainty’ may be the call.

Having said that...and bearing in mind the phrase ’when describing a picture we learn more about the describing person, than about the picture itself’, recursive as it may be ...the following wonderful page is using a collaborative tool to foster learning, ’bringing back to act’ a distinguished group of Cybernetics and System Thinkers, at touch of scroll, with lots of continue exploring their ’voices’.

Last but not least....’The Whole is not Equal to the Sum of the Parts’ . Upon quoting this lately another (Wow): must be tough for a non systems thinker not to fall in the trap of distinguishing the ’addendum’, granting status of (objective) reality to either side of the equation. We talk systems when we are now studying relations, links and connections in recursive enactive systems. Question with the use of language!.....In any case the ’difference’ as introduced by ’not equal’ stands.

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